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Department(s) It was shown that the membrane pore size is a major factor on the size of the droplets produced, and the membrane pore size distribution span affects the size distribution span of the droplets. Increasing the emulsifier concentration decreases droplet size, as does increasing the shear force applied to the forming droplets, either This model is used to show that in most cases the estimation of a membrane pore size distribution by using the liquid displacement method is not correct. Just as in membrane emulsification, pores become active at higher transmembrane pressures than expected. Finally, in chapter 6 the effects of several membrane parameters on membrane emulsification Membrane emulsification has received increasing attention over the last 10 years, with potential applications in many fields. In the membrane emulsification process, a liquid phase is pressed through the membrane pores to form droplets at the permeate side of a membrane; the droplets are then carried away by a continuous phase flowing along the membrane surface. First is the membrane pore activation since only a fraction of the membrane pores are active in the emulsification process.

Influence of membrane morphology on pore activation in membrane emulsification

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Historical analysis of a range of gas pair separations indicated that there was an upper bound on the trade-off between membrane permeability, which limits flow rates, and the selectivity, which limits the quality of the separation process. Park et al. review the advances that have been made in attempts to break past this upper bound. Alumina membranes with two distinct pore sizes (i.e., 20 nm and 200 nm in diameter) were compared for their ability to activate human MM. Alumina membranes were treated with human plasma to induce the formation of an adsorbed protein biofilm and then incubated for 24 hours with freshly isolated human MM. Scanning electron microscopy was used to evaluate the morphology of the adhering cells. First of all, etching and ablation causes opening up new pores and pore enlargement which leads in roughening the PES membrane surface.

Analysis of droplet formation 29 4. Effect of membrane morphology on pore activation 47 5. Estimating pore size distributions of interconnected porous materials with liquid displacement methods 63 6.

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2013-02-05 · If we take the adsorption energy of a monomer to the flat anionic membrane to be −4 kcal/mol, transfer of an octamer from the flat membrane to the pore would give about −83 – (−4) × 8 = −51 kcal/mol. Line tensions for anionic membranes are scarcer but they are of a similar order of magnitude.

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Solute resistance of protein deposits for membranes of varying roughness, structure, and permeability can vary dramatically with operating conditions. First is the membrane pore activation since only a fraction of the membrane pores are active in the emulsification process.

A three-layer system is also simulated, where the pore size in the middle layer can be increased without significantly increasing the risk of membrane pore wetting. To study the influence of their morphology and operating temperature on the CO 2 separation, gas separation tests were conducted with the gas mixture CO 2 /N 2.
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Ceramic membrane ultrafiltration presently is an ideal process to treat O/W emulsions.

This fraction increases when the dispersed phase applied pressure increases from zero at no flow to ~50% or more depending on the surface porosity and system characteristics. A novel rotating membrane emulsification setup incorporating a 100 μm pore diam. stainless steel hydrophobic membrane is used to produce W/O emulsions consisting of 4 wt% hexaglycerin penta ester (PO-500) as emulsifier, the mixt. of liq.
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