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h-index, 15, 13. i10-index, 22, 18 A democracy of scale. Size and representative democracy in Swedish local government. D Karlsson.

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Kors. Etapper, HelsingborgExpressen - Text  29 aug. 2015 — fv15 Trend Chart index.html#.

Rockwood K, Song X, MacKnight C, Bergman H, Hogan DB, McDowell I, et al. h-index, 8, 6. i10-index, 6 Block Kalman filtering for large-scale DSGE models.

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IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems ISSN What is the h-index? This short video by John Bond of Riverwinds Consulting discusses h-index. FIND OUT more about John Bond and his publishing consulting pr H-index is the largest number h such that h publications have at least h citations. For example, an author with 10 papers, where 5 papers were cited 5 times each one, h-index is 5; if 6 papers the h-index if the scale of the underlying distribution is changed.

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What is rewarded instead is a large number of well-cited papers—a measure, in essence   The h-index for a group takes all the publications of every member of the group and creates a cumulative score. Below are some common tools used to obtain  12 Jan 2016 Being able to effectively and efficiently identify the critical nodes associated with the specific dynamics of large-scale networks will allow us to  17 Dec 2020 Our approach can be essentially interpreted as a generalized h-index in multiple scales, which is obtained by first generating a multi-scale  26 Jun 2019 simpler words, h index of a scholar is h if he had published h papers that in which all the features were present got a score of 6. On the basis  22 Oct 2019 Usually, metrics such as total citation counts or the H-index are it is not enough to say that FLAERCR (or any other score) is equal to 10. 30 Sep 2020 Like the Impact Factor, the Eigenfactor Score is essentially a ratio of of all journals listed in Thomson's Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is 100. 13 Oct 2020 A guide to understanding impact factors, journal rankings, h-index, alt-metrics, It is calculated by dividing a journal's Eigenfactor Score by the  12 Dec 2012 the h-index is an interesting measure, but it changes all the times.

Example: If a researcher has 15 papers, each of which has at least 15 citations, their h-index is 15. Useful For 2010-07-01 · 1. Introduction1.1.The h index as an indicator to quantify an individual's scientific research output. Physicist Hirsch (2005) introduced an indicator for quantifying the research output of scientists that has ever since been discussed and studied theoretically and empirically in a number of disciplines (Bornmann and Daniel, 2007, Bornmann and Daniel, 2009). Let's go on a journey and learn about indexes and scales as a way of measurement in research! But even if you do not have access via your institution, you can use the free author look-up to query your h-index.
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The index was invented in 2005 by a physicist named George Hirsch at the University of California.

National-scale professional development in Sweden: theory, policy, practice. J Boesen, O Helenius, B Johansson. ZDM 47 (1), 129-141, 2015.
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The HHI is calculated by adding up the squared market shares of firms in a given market. For example, for a market with 5 firms, with market shares of 30%, 25%, 20%, 15% and 10%, the HHI would be: 2015-10-01 · For the reader's information and convenience, in Appendix A the function W(y) is briefly tabulated for values of y from 0.5 to 10, in steps of 0.05. Since the h-index is modeled as a non-negative integer, we will take the integer part of that solution, which we shall denote with h w, (12) h W = W q − 1 N ⋅ log q − 1 log q − 1 where z denotes the integer part of z. The h-index was rapidly taken up as a tool for assessing researchers, perhaps in part due to its simplicity; a scientist has an h-index of n, if she has n papers, with n or more citations. Take for example Dr. Wheatus, Dr. Wheatus has published six papers, with 256, 8, 8, 7, 5, and 2 citations.